Our Founder

Ms. Sarah Braswell is a native of Warner Robins, Georgia, and grew up one of eight siblings. Raised by a single parent in meager conditions, she experienced first hand the importance of the family. Without the unconditional love of her grandmother (“Big Mama”), the fun times with her grandfather (“Papa”) and the involvement and encouragement of Uncle John, Uncle Tommy and Aunt Christine, she and her siblings would have grown up with far more gaps and holes. Instead, the influence of her extended family provided great aid to her strong and resourceful Mom as she struggled to rear eight children alone.

Recalling the involvement of these family members and participating in ‘crazy fun’ with her siblings during the last two decades, fueled a passion within Ms. Braswell to inspire other families to maximize moments together and to use the home life as fertile ground for development and nurturing of children.

Family time mattered to Ms. Braswell – she believes family time can be an impactful time and investment for your family as well. Without her family support, she too would have been a negative statistic…