At the Table!

Harnessing the importance and POWER of family mealtime

“At the Table”, gives parents an opportunity to:

  • Connect with their children
  • Listen and hear their children
  • Learn what is going on in the children’s lives
  • Recognize what is important to children
  • Allow the children to get to know them
  • Establish leadership in the home

Statistics Show that sharing family mealtimes:

  • Position children to be/do better in school
  • Progress child’s vocabulary & conversation skills
  • Promote critical thinking skills
  • Present expectations for child’s growth, with balance of sincere love and care
  • Provide an avenue to teach and reinforce manners and respect
  • Families that make mealtime a priority…

Statistics Show

  • Develop conversational and relational skills
  • Develop a sense of belonging and value
  • Develop resilience (ability to bounce back, deal with issues)
  • Discourage smoking, drug use, and teen pregnancy

...Reduce negative teen statistics -- significantly!!

Families that eat together…

  • Have opinions, know how to express themselves
  • Have tools and experience to deal with differences
  • Have value themselves, the family and family time
  • Have security (…that they belong and matter)
  • Have confidence to tackle everyday life
  • Have better eating habits; understand the value of nutrition

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