At the Table


Make dinnertime, family time!  According to a national survey of more than 1,000 parents across the country, the daily ritual of being together at the dinner table is considered the one of the most important ways to strengthen family ties.


“At the Table” — gives parents an opportunity to:

  • Connect with their children
  • Listen and hear their children
  • Learn what is going on in the children’s lives
  • Recognize what is important to children
  • Allow the children to get to know them
  • Establish leadership in the home

Statistics show that sharing family mealtimes consistently:

  • Positions children to be/do better in school
  • Progresses child’s vocabulary & conversation skills
  • Promotes critical thinking skills
  • Presents expectations for child’s growth, with balance of sincere love and care
  • Provides an avenue to teach and reinforce manners and respect

Statistics further show, frequent mealtime as a family helps to:

  • Develop conversational and relational skills
  • Develop a sense of belonging and value
  • Develop resilience (ability to bounce back, deal with issues)
  • Discourage smoking, drug use, and teen pregnancy

Lastly, families that eat together nurture children who…

  • Have opinions, know how to express themselves
  • Have tools and experience to deal with differences
  • Have value themselves, the family and family time
  • Have security (…that they belong and matter)
  • Have confidence to tackle everyday life
  • Have better eating habits; understand the value of nutrition

So, are you ready — make dinnertime, family time!