Family Fun Night

Family Fun Night2Having fun is essential to family cohesiveness and development.  An easy way to achieve this goal is to set aside one night a week with your family to just PLAY! Playing together is an essential attribute of a healthy family and serves as “glue” that keeps the family connected.

How to get started?

F – Form Family Fun as a PRIORITY!

  • Schedule a family meeting to express the significance and purpose
  • Gain everyone’s commitment
  • Decide on a day/time conducive to everyone’s calendar
  • Establish ground rules
  • Place a note on the family calendar or otherwise post the reminder or mention it throughout the week so everyone will remember

U – Uncover new ways to be together and enjoy it!

  • Be creative
  • Come up with ideas to make each event memorable and enjoyable
  • Choose activities everyone can participate or will enjoy

N – Now make it happen!

  • Establish a leader for each week
  • Prepare in advance
  • Get everyone involved as much as possible (if not that night, the next time)
  • Ensure everyone stays involved